Her love it bur…


Her love it burns like a fire
And its fueled by desire
The darkness it spreads
But it needs to retire
The light will not fall
I will try to save you all
The demons there screaming
And you know who they call
Im just searching for some peace
It leads me to my dreams
Theres more to this world
Than just what seems to be
But still you cant find
Just a simple peace of mind
Gotta give it all ya got
Cause your soul is on the line…

To be continued.
-Jacoby Verret

This is the beginning of a song i just started to write today.

Its going to be some pretty heavy vocals on a rhythmic hardcore rock song for my band.

The dark of the…


The dark of the world, it violently swirls
But its time to make a change
The voice of the lord, the strike of a sword
And the light of a god given age
The sun comes up, the demons are stuck
So it’s time to take the stage
Forever in all, and all in forever
What else am I supposed to say?

A little short poem I wrote today, as I had some thoughts fly threw my head. Figured I should share 🙂

-Jacoby Verret

Time to make a change


Hello All, and welcome!

My name is Jacoby Kenneth Verret.

I’m currently an unemployed high school student, lyricist, artist; both visual and musical, a writer (both fiction and non-fiction), and most importantly; young visionary.

My life goal is to help turn this world into a love based civilization, where all of life can live free from fear. If you look at the world today, all of life is reacting based off of fear. Sure, it’s a big goal. But with the help of a whole community sharing the same dream, this mission can start to be accomplished.

I suppose that’s why I created this blog.. To see how interested people are in backing me up. To be fair, I’m not nearly the only one trying to dream this goal into reality. There’s many like me. Each with their own voice. But now, it’s time to let mine be heard.

Let my voice echo throughout the mountains, let it flow freely with the wind, let each vibrational strand of sound energy inspire and motivate those who hear it. Because one things for sure…

I’m here to make a change!